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SFM Mitigating Climate Change through Sustainable Forest Management and Capacity Building Mexico

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Type of Project: FSP
Country: Mexico
Year: 08/22/2011

This project with IFAD, is focused on mitigating climate change in three Southern States of Mexico through Sustainable Forest Management in community forests, which is the major land tenure for forests in Mexico. The project is coordinated with the REDD+ and other national initiatives, but the innovation is focused on how these national initiatives are implemented locally.

Working with at least 55 communities, IFAD (with a loan) and executing partner CONAFOR (with a large grant), will help contribute to reducing emissions and increasing CO2 sequestration by 20.8 million tons over the project life, at a cost of $US 0.24/tCO2e, and over 20 years a total 110 million tons CO2e net reduction is expected.

During the project life, about 100,000 hectares with be reforested; 84,000 ha of deforestation avoided; and degradation will be reduced on 320,000 ha. Local inventory systems will be designed and local technicians will be trained to conduct surveys and report the results for a number of communities. The most vulnerable population, particularly indigenous peoples, will be included in the dissemination of information and local participation in carbon monitoring.

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