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Three priority investment projects in Ivanovo

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25 March 2010
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Three priority investment projects are being realized in the Ivanovo region – total investment volume amounting to over EUR 25 mln. They are: 

  • LLC Ivanovo Timber Industry Company is to construct facility for advanced woodworking, of them complex processing of roundwood, saw log and pulp wood, incl. wood wastes. Project cost makes up EUR 8.7 mln. The company started development of forest areas in Yuzhsky, Palekhsky and Pestyakovo districts in November 2009 – total cutting rate volume reaches 154.2 thousand cubic meters.


  • LLC Ivanovo Les has been realizing its project on construction facilities for complex woodworking, harvesting, sawn timber, furniture and pellet production since November 2009. Total investment volume makes up EUR 7.7 mln, annual cutting rate volume reaches 182.1 thousand cubic meters.


  • LLC Remsha-Les is realizing a project aimed at constructing a complex for harvesting and woodworking, manufacturing of sawn timber, and related products. Total investment volume makes up EUR 9 mln, annual cutting rate volume reaches 173.7 thousand cubic meters.

Currently 10 investment projects in the field of forest exploitation are being realized in the region, with 336 thousand ha of 840 thousand ha of forest fund being taken in lease.


Extpub | by Dr. Radut