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Tokyo wants to cooperate with countries sharing the Amazon forest

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October 21, 2010
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Forest Carbon Portal
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"We are interested in working with Latin American countries that share the Amazon rainforest. We just started it, "said the director of the Climate Change Division, Takehiro Kano, at a press conference in Tokyo.
The Amazon, considered the lungs of the world, covers 4.1 million hectares, but is rapidly losing its trees from deforestation.
Kano explained that the next day 26 in the Japanese city of Nagoya, the UN Conference on Biological Diversity (COP10), will analyze various aspects of the partnership with Papua New Guinea as part of UN Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD).
REDD is expected that with the support of countries like Japan and France provides for credits for emission reductions, work starting next year with Brazil for the protection of forests, Kano said.
Also, the director of the Climate Change Division stated that the Japanese government hopes that "Ecuador to accede to the Copenhagen agreement to work with them in any negotiation."


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