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Wood harvesting in the Kuzbass Area will increase by a factor of 3.2

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May 3, 2011
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The Government of Kemerovo Region has approved the Timber industry development strategy up to 2025. This paper was developed by the Forestry Department of Kemerovo Region based on the analysis of the current state of timber industry complex. «Presently the forest stand of the region is used inefficiently that does not correspond to the modern requirements, - noticed Vladimir Rykalov, the head of the regional Forestry Department. - The timber industry complex of Kuzbass faces a major integrated task to enhance the sustainable development, improve the resource and ecological condition of forests, create the favourable investment climate and promote the effective forest management methods. The major assessment criteria of strategy efficiency will be the flow of investments to the regional economy».

The priority areas of development will be the whole set of actions in the timber harvesting complex, such as upgrading, re-equipment of TIC companies and the development of transportation network, regarding the forest management these measures will affect the efficiency improvement in use of hardwood and low-grade softwood.

According to the Strategy, the growth in timber harvesting volume will increase by a factor of 3.2 by 2025. The volume and the area of used forest resources and the forest lands of the region shall provide for enhanced growth of revenues from timber industry to the budgets of all levels. Such dynamics is becoming apparent, as declared by the press office of the regional Forestry Department. For the last three years the revenues from forest exploitation of Kemerovo region stands has risen by 19 times. About 402.65 mln rubles have been transferred to the budgets of all levels in 2010. Kuzbass area needs 8 bln rubles of  investments to the timber industry complex up to 2025.


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