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03.06.12 Myanmar-Overview of Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade
03.06.12 Lessons Learned from Community Forestry & REDD+ in Brazil
03.06.12 Moving REDD+ forward: more structured discussion on the drivers of deforestation is needed
03.06.12 Additional Guidance on REDD+ Safeguards Information Systems
03.06.12 International Law Principles for REDD+: The Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the Legal Obligations of REDD+ Actors
31.05.12 Forest Management and Climate Change: stakeholder perceptions
23.05.12 Ford, GM and BMW linked to illegal logging and slave labour in Brazil
22.05.12 Forests and climate change after Durban
22.05.12 Is New Green Law Creating More Green for Logging Companies?
21.05.12 New paper by Tony La Viña: The UNFCCC after Durban
20.05.12 The global land rush: what the evidence reveals about scale and geography
20.05.12 Transnational Land Deals for Agriculture in the Global South: Analytical Report based on the Land Matrix Database
20.05.12 Beauty and the Beast: Norway’s investments in rainforest protection and rainforest destruction
20.05.12 Why New Zealand’s consultation process is important for REDD+ countries
20.05.12 Forest Peoples: Numbers Across the World
20.05.12 Assessing REDD+ performance of countries with low monitoring capacities: the matrix approach
08.05.12 A step-wise framework for setting REDD+ forest reference emission levels and forest reference levels
07.05.12 Putting Free, Prior, And Informed Consent Into Practice In REDD+ Initiatives
30.04.12 Sustainable Forest Management - Case Studies
26.04.12 Leaked Cabinet document reveals how far government was willing to go
23.04.12 Learning for the future: forestry training and education
22.04.12 British Columbia: Mid-Term Timber Supply Project
22.04.12 Obstacles to a Conceptual Framework for Sustainable Forest Management Under REDD in Central Africa
22.04.12 Including Mangrove Forests in REDD+
20.04.12 Code of practice for Australian Timber Plantations
15.04.12 British Columbia releases new Forest Sector Strategy
15.04.12 TerraCarbon issues Forest Carbon Market update, January 2012
15.04.12 Public consultation launched for draft ‘Guidelines for the use of REDD+ SES at country level Version 2′
11.04.12 Enhancing Adaptation of Forests and People in Africa-Development of Pilot Cases for Selected Forest Ecosystems in Ghana and Malawi
11.04.12 Suriname: Forest Resource assement 2010
06.04.12 ITTO Supports Development of Forest Planning Model in Guyana
31.03.12 World Bank Reports Experience with A/R Biocarbon Fund Projects
31.03.12 Forest Management and Climate Change: A literature review
31.03.12 Natural teak forests decline, while planted teak forests increase
31.03.12 UNFCCC Releases Submissions on Drivers of Deforestation
30.03.12 Safeguarding REDD+ Finance: Ensuring transparent and accountable international financial flows
30.03.12 ITTO, FAO Workshop Addresses Global Forest Reporting
29.03.12 Building REDD+ Policy Capacity for Developing Country Negotiators and Land Managers: Lessons learned (Task Force Meeting Report)
29.03.12 CCBA & CARE’s REDD+ Social and Environmental Standards: Experience using REDD+ SES November, 2011. REDD+ Social and Environmental St
11.03.12 Forest and Climate Conservation for the private Sector
08.03.12 National Options for REDD+ Environmental Safeguards: Operational Guidance
08.03.12 43 European states negotiate binding legal framework
02.03.12 Zimbabwe gets its first taste of REDD+
19.02.12 Managing forest resources for sustainable development
19.02.12 Insights from the Field: Forests for Climate and Timber
19.02.12 Stacking Ecosystem Services Payments: Risks and Solutions
19.02.12 Report of the State Level Workshop on Decentralised Forest Governance: Beyond JFM
06.02.12 Pro-poor benefit distribution in REDD+
30.01.12 'Peak timber' concerns in tropics
29.01.12 SAB responds to EPA's biogenic emissions framework


by Dr. Radut