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“Luzales” company wood-sawing production modernization project is going to become a priority

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January 24th, 2011
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"Luzales" company sent an application to become production modernization priority investment project. It was done on the meeting of Industry and Energy Ministry (Jan 19), which was chaired by Alexander Gibezh, deputy minister.

According to Mr Gibezh the application was considered by departmental commission, which deals with priority investment projects in the field of forestry in Komi Republic. This project was recognized as a priority one. In several days all the documentation will be sent to Russian forest management body, and then to Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Decision about modernization of "Luzales" wood-sawing production was taken in the middle of 2010. The talks were held about purchase of new equipment , and pre-payment has already ben deposited. "We hope that during 2011 new equipment will be put into service", - said deputy minister.

According to the project they plan to expand the range of goods, besides the number of employees will be increased by 25 persons.


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