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Oct 15 2009  A research conference for the European forest-based industry and cluster will focus on the creation of new business opportunities for the sector. The event will be held in Stockholm on 9-11 November 2009.

The theme of next European research conference in Stockholm will be From research to business. The commercialization of research findings must be speeded up in order to ensure that fresh business opportunities, which create competitive advantages, are not left unexploited, according to the organizers.

Sweden’s Minister of Forestry, Eskil Erlandsson, and the industrialist Marcus Wallenberg are two main speakers at the conference in Stockholm in November. The program includes four seminar totalities, which will respectively focus on innovative products, manufacturing processes, the availability of forest biomass, and sustainability and the societal perspective.

The Forest-Based Sector Technology Platform unites the European forest sector’s central actors with the aim of increasing the effectiveness of their joint research efforts. The sixth international seminar of this technology community will focus on examining topical research findings in forest-related studies, as well as on building cooperation between researchers and forest industry corporations.


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Issue date: October 15, 2009

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