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More old growth forest protected in British Columbia

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July 21st, 2012
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Forest Talk
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British Columbia is now protecting an additional 14,750 hectares of old growth forest on the Sunshine Coast.

These old growth management areas were established under the Land Act, following public consultation and discussions with First Nations, forestry companies and local stakeholders.

The new old growth management areas protect biological diversity in the following areas:

  • Brittain Landscape Unit (2,589.9 hectares on the west side of Jervis Inlet).
  • Bute West Landscape Unit (2,357.3 hectares on the west side of Bute Inlet).
  • Bute East Landscape Unit (2,818.6 hectares on the east side of Bute Inlet).
  • Cortes Landscape Unit (4,095.2 hectares on Cortes Island and other islands in the Desolation Sound area).
  • Howe Landscape Unit (2,888.9 hectares on the west side of Howe Sound and several islands within Howe Sound).

In addition to biodiversity, old growth management areas may also protect cultural values. These ecosystems provide plant and animal habitats, are excluded from commercial timber harvesting and may also provide recreational opportunities.

There are about 55,000 old growth management areas in B.C., covering an area of approximately 3.9 million hectares. The creation of additional old growth management areas on the Sunshine Coast reflects British Columbia’s government’s ongoing commitment to preserve unique ecosystems for the enjoyment of all British Columbians.

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