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Roadside wood theft is a problem in the Hearst, Ontario area

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January 6th, 2011
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Forest Talk
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Forest contractors are facing an increasing problem of roadside woodpile theft in the Hearst, Ontario area.

It seems that people are stealing wood from log piles near roadways, likely for firewood.

Lecours Lumber is working with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources to try to track down the culprit(s).

In Ontario, it is a crime to take wood from roadside piles without authorization under the Crown Forest Sustainability Act. If the culprit is found, the wood can be seized and returned. If a culprit is found, and it is impossible to tell which pieces of wood found in their possession were stolen, the legislation allows all of their wood to be seized.

If an Ontario resident wishes to harvest wood from Crown land for firewood, they must first obtain a permit from their local Ministry of Natural Resources office.

Wood theft a growing problem (The Daily Press)


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