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Wood industry, the state has adopted a new machine which forestry development plan

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July 28th, 2010
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November 3, 2009 was informed that the State Forestry Administration, the State Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Commerce, State Administration of Taxation have jointly issued the five departments of the “Forestry Industry Development Plan (2010-2012)”, as a guide forestry plan of action to address the financial crisis in the program. “Forestry Industry Promotion Plan” put forward three years to support 100 key state-level forestry enterprises and 10 major feature of leading industrial clusters, gross output value of forestry industry and maintained its annual growth rate of around 12%.

Wood-based panel production steady at 100 million cubic meters

The “Forestry Industry Development Plan” is subject to the direction and focus of the impact of the financial crisis the most serious wood-based panels and other timber industry and related industries.

According to “planning”, the implementation of forestry industry restructuring and revitalization of development, China’s total output value of forestry industry will be in 2008 increased to 1.44 trillion yuan in 2012 was 2.26 trillion yuan. Wood-based panel production steady at about 100 million cubic meters. Of forest products in international trade volume reached more than 90 billion U.S. dollars, of which export volume at or more than 50 billion U.S. dollars. Wood-based panels, wood flooring, furniture, doors and other advantages of export products continue to maintain the world’s No. 1 status. Wood-based panels Wood-based processing enterprises have been fully rectify the basic out behind the products and equipment. Forestry industry employment increased from 4,500 million in 2008 increased to 57 million persons. Forestry industry and the second to the forestry eco-tourism as the leading forestry output value of tertiary industry accounted for the proportion increased to 50% and 18% or more.

The “plan” put forward to promote forestry brand building and market access, with two years that have been enacted in 70 wood-based panel of national standards and industry standards to conduct a comprehensive clean-up, to carry out the work to identify forest products brand in China.

The “Planning” also made a series of policies and measures to revitalize the forestry industry. Including central finance high-quality seeds and seedlings required for afforestation subsidies, and gradually expand the scope of the experiment; continue to increase the support base construction Camellia oleifera Lam. Funds will be charged at the standard silviculture forest product sales revenue by 20% to 10%.

China Wood network analysts said that because the United States is China’s major forest products exporting countries, China’s imports of plywood each year from approximately 200 million cubic meters of imported wood furniture more than 30 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for nearly 50% of China’s export volume, Many other forest products but also imports from China, the U.S. recession, so China’s exports to the United States forest products overall decline, coupled with stagnant consumption in Western Europe and other countries, so that the targets of China’s forest products exports up by a substantial drop in recent years difficult to restore to 2007 level. Promulgated “Forestry Industry Development Plan” is to stabilize the external demand to start the domestic market.

Forestry leading enterprise support policies favorable

“Planning” specifically pointed out that within three years will focus on support for 100 state-level forestry enterprises and 10 major feature of leading industrial clusters, and gradually form a cultivation of forest resources, wood-based panels, furniture, wood pulp paper making, bamboo products, forest products, wood The grain and oil products, bio-pharmaceuticals, forestry machinery manufacturing, and biomass energy sources such as pillar industries.

Specific policies include support and encourage qualified forestry industry leading enterprises through the bond market issue any kind of debt categories of financial instruments, production and operation to raise the funds required. Encouraged to engage in forestry, planting forests, forest products processing and operating performance is good, credit good collection of small and medium enterprises issuing bonds. To encourage forest outside investment in various economic organizations in various forms-based forestry projects. To encourage all types of security institutions to provide a guarantee of financing for forestry operations, forest right to the right of collateral as the main security measures in counter-guarantee company, secured multiple zoom to 10 times.


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