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B.C. may have trouble keeping up with the demand for their wood, due to low resources

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March 5th, 2011
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Forst Talk
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British Columbia‘s forest sector has been cut back so severely in recent years that now that demand for their wood is surging, the companies are having a difficult time physically meeting the demand.

In Gordon Hamilton’s article in The Vancouver Sun, he mentioned the following shortages:

  • shortage of logging trucks
  • shortage of rail cars
  • shortage of workers – many who have moved on to the oil, gas, or mining industry
  • shortage of truck drives
  • shortage of logging equipment
  • shortage of parts for mothballed logging machinery

Very few workers seem to have much loyalty left for a industry that broke them. Meanwhile the demand from Asia for B.C.’s lumber continues to increase.

Read the article:
China’s surging demand for lumber straining depleted B.C. forest sector – Heavy cuts during the downturn left the logging sector ill-equipped to ramp up again now (The Vancouver Sun)


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