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WWF seems to have some demand for explanation in regard of it's operations in tropical countries.

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There was a broadcasting of the a german state television (ARD)
regarding WWF's role in ecotourism and conservation activities back
in June 2011


The ARD statement continued:
The original press release of 05/11/2011's stated that the ARD team on Borneo (Indonesia) found "not a single organ-utan conservation project of the WWF", will NOT maintained any more. The same applies to the formulation: "The WWF takes money from the company and gives them the seal of accreditation for sustainable production", thus far, the impression is given that the company would receive cash payment against a WWF-label for sustainable production. To this end we (ARD) are committed also to the omission of WWF Germany.


The ARD statement:

Infinite confidence in WWF

The WWF is the largest conservation organization in the world. There is almost limitless faith in his green projects. With rousing campaigns aimed directly at the WWF's good conscience of the donor - everyone should participate if endangered species or the rain forest will be saved for protecting the climate.

The largest conservation organization in the world

50 years ago, the WWF was founded - on 11 September 1961. Today, the WWF's is the most influential lobbying organization for the environment - worldwide. Thanks to excellent contacts to politics and industry. A constant balancing act between commitment and venality. Documentary filmmaker Wilfried Huisman spent almost a whole year on a film that will demystify the green image of the WWF. The eco-author discovered a world of stories full of explosive force.

The other side

The documentary will explore the mysteries of the WWF. It becomes a journey into the heart of a green Empire and shaken faith in the panda.

A co-production of WDR and SWR
Editorial: Tibet Sinha & Martin Schneider


The ripost of the WWF


In terms of the indigenious people problem in Papua New Guinea


►Palm oil

►Genetic engineering

►Orang-Utans in Borneo

A month later Global Witness published a report namend "Pandering the Loggers" in which similar cases against the WWF where reported.

“WWF should publicly disassociate itself from any company using timber from illegal or unethical sources. It’s shocking that one of the world’s most trusted conservation groups deems it acceptable to take money from such companies,” said Picken.  read further here...

The response of the WWF:

"Nonetheless, as with any criticism leveled at the organisation, WWF and GFTN are taking the allegations seriously and we intend to examine Global Witness’s recommendations in detail. Should we find any of them to be justified we will respond appropriately. We are constantly striving to improve our performance and accountability wherever possible and companies caught flouting the rules and spirit of GFTN will of course be removed from the network" continue to read here...

A second response by the WWF:

In response Global Witness’ report Pandering to the Loggers released on Monday 25 July, WWF issues the following statement:
For 20 years, the Global Forest & Trade Network (GFTN) has worked successfully to create a global marketplace for sustainably sourced forest products. The programme now includes approximately 300 companies, communities, NGOs in more than 30 countries around the world.
GFTN believes in providing practical solutions that allow companies to develop and implement region-specific strategies that promote responsible forestry and trade, combat illegal logging and protect some of planet’s most valuable resources.
Continue to read here...

The WWF in a response to the Bruno Manser Fund...

GFTN - Indonesia strongly and categorically disputes the findings and related conclusions that form the basis of the Global Witness (GW) report, particularly in the context that the WWF “greenwashes” companies that conduct natural forest management in Borneo continue to read here...

TFT has also responded on the Global Witness report:

"A recent Global Witness report on WWF’s GFTN programme has in particular targeted Malaysian company Ta Ann. This company has replied with a statement refuting the allegations and claiming the legality and origin of its timber had been verified by TFT." continue to read here...

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