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August 2012: Want to know how REDD+ has evolved the past years? Have a look here......


Want to learn more about the basics of REDD+?

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If you want to have an introduction to REDD+, if you want to understand deforestation, why it happened and where it still happens then follow this link, we will lead you the right direction - and, don't miss "Don't demonize deforestation!"...

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UN-REDD came up with a Q&A in July 2010


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UTICAOD | 10 years 2 months ago

HAMILTON — As part of its aggressive push to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and advance sustainability, Colgate has signed a 15-year commitment with Patagonia Sur to purchase forestry-based carbon offsets. Under the agreement, a total of 225,000 native-species trees will be planted on 430...

IIED | 10 years 2 months ago

Assessing projects to reduce deforestation and forest degradation is not just about measuring how much carbon they have sequestered or enhanced. It is equally about asking what such projects have done to reduce poverty and improve people’s lives.

ForestCarbon Asia | 10 years 2 months ago

First tropical Improved Forest Management project, enabling revenue generation from forest rehabilitation.   Face the Future, a Dutch forest carbon project developer in cooperation with the Sabah Foundation, has registered the world’s first tropical Improved Forest Management project under the...

AllAfrica | 10 years 2 months ago

COMMUNITIES in seven villages of Kigoma Rural district will early next year start earning money for protecting Masito-Ugalla forest reserve, which climate change scientists say is helping in the absorption of carbon dioxide and controlling global warming. The villages benefit under a Reducing...

Bits of Scienece | 10 years 2 months ago

In which case increased tropical forest density would sort of average out emissions of tropical deforestation. [Is it just us or do you share the feeling something is uncomfortably unsustainable about that comparison?]

ETH Zürich | 10 years 2 months ago

For the first time, ETH-Zurich researchers provide concrete data on how alternative forms of land use influence the carbon balance in tropical ecosystems. This information is not just interesting for climate researchers; the measures agreed in the Kyoto Protocol for the reduction of CO2 can be...

Demerara Waves | 10 years 3 months ago

PARAMARIBO— Neighbouring Suriname is following in Guyana’s footsteps by formulating policies to counter the impact of Climate Change. A Climate Compatible Development Agency (CCDA) has been established by the Dutch-speaking country to help formulate a more structured approach to climate change...

Climatico | 10 years 3 months ago

As already discussed on Climatico, using REDD+ as a private sector offsetting mechanism runs the risk of creating perverse incentives, exposing land to market price volatility and causing supply-induced price suppression. However, for the purposes of a deeper exploration into the market-related...

The Himalayan Times | 10 years 3 months ago

Gone are the days of talking only about timber and other forest product in the context of the forest. With these products as it is, another opportunity growing in the forests is carbon. Interestingly, the standing trees could deliver money without dying, and help communities invest on climate-...

10 years 3 months ago

Mongabay, August 22, 2011: Australia's parliament passed the world's first national carbon trading scheme for credits generated from farming and forestry, reports Reuters.

Northwest Star | 10 years 3 months ago

LABOR'S carbon farming initiative (CFI) has passed in the Senate but agricultural groups remain sceptical of its worth until details are made available. Under the scheme, graziers could sell carbon credits on to businesses to offset emissions. The scheme is designed to both reduce carbon emissions...

CBM Journal | 10 years 3 months ago

In recent years, the voluntary over-the-counter (OTC) carbon market has reached a significant market volume. It is particularly interesting for forest mitigation projects which are either ineligible in important compliance markets or confronted with a plethora of technical and financial hurdles and...

Science Daily | 10 years 3 months ago

ScienceDaily (Aug. 15, 2011) — A new study shows that as climate change enhances tree growth in tropical forests, the resulting increase in litterfall could stimulate soil micro-organisms leading to a release of stored soil carbon. The research was led by scientists from the Centre for Ecology...

Forest Carbon Asia | 10 years 3 months ago

Afforestation and Reforestation (AR) projects under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) have faced various challenges, one of the key ones being the issue of ‘land eligibility’.  

Forest Carbon Asia | 10 years 3 months ago

Wildlife Works Carbon LLC (WWC) is an innovative start‐up company headquartered in San Francisco, CA, USA that engages with the global carbon market to enhance conservation in tropical countries. WWC has established the world’s first and currently, only internationally VCS/CCB verified ‘Reducing...

GHG Emission Trading BLOG | 10 years 3 months ago

Back in March 2011 a Carbon Monitor reader wrote to us with the quandary of what to do with his post 1989 NZU units (those with a surrender liability for loss or harvest) suggesting if he took the funds, invested in real estate then he would be ahead even with a future liability. Here is the latest...

IB Times | 10 years 3 months ago

Wildlife Works announced today the launch of a new retail model that uses the power of Facebook to enable consumers to offset their travel, home and personal lifestyle events that contribute to global warming. The Wildlife Works Facebook store-front allows consumers to easily offset their carbon...

Point Carbon | 10 years 3 months ago

Four of the five offset pilot projects selected to receive Japanese government funding on Tuesday aim to curb deforestation (REDD) abroad, according to an official statement.  

SF-Gate | 10 years 3 months ago

Invezz, a UK-based digital media company, released today REDD Carbon Credits (reddcarboncredits.co.uk). The website is a new informational portal, which raises awareness among eco-responsible investors about the benefits and challenges of placing their money into REDD carbon offsets.

Online News Pakistan | 10 years 3 months ago

PESHAWAR: Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), Ameer Haider Khan Hoti has approved the leasing out of land for project for reducing emissions from deforestation and degradation of forests (REDD) in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.


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September 2012 - a note by the Editor of ForestIndustries.EU: We wrote this article more than three years ago. Many significant events happened since then and a huge amount of new knowledge has been collected by the global community.

by Dr. Radut