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August 2012: Want to know how REDD+ has evolved the past years? Have a look here......


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If you want to have an introduction to REDD+, if you want to understand deforestation, why it happened and where it still happens then follow this link, we will lead you the right direction - and, don't miss "Don't demonize deforestation!"...

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CHRON Blogs | 11 years 4 months ago

Let’s see if an intriguing new paper in Science, released this afternoon, can break through your somnolent Turkey Day afternoon. Led by Oregon climate scientist Andreas Schmittner the paper suggests the rate of warming from a doubling of atmospheric carbon dioxide may be less than the most dire...

Forest carbon Portal | 11 years 4 months ago

Approved by the State Forestry Administration (SFA), China’s pilot forestry carbon sequestration transaction officially kicked off on November 1st 2011 in Yiwu City of Zhejiang Province.

CIFOR | 11 years 4 months ago

The decision to finance Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation, or REDD+, through the carbon market is the biggest factor that will determine the success of the global scheme that aims to slow the rate of climate change, said an expert.

Climate Connect | 11 years 4 months ago

VITOL, the world's leading energy trading firm has signed a landmark agreement to forward-purchase 7 million CERs to be generated from the first-ever CDM project and Program of Activity in Burundi. The deal represents an estimated value of €45 million over 7 years based on current market price....

Business Daily Africa | 11 years 4 months ago

Finance minister Uhuru Kenyatta’s 2009/2010 Budget mentioned that Kenya would establish a carbon trading exchange.   The ministry has since prepared a detailed draft National Policy on Carbon Finance and Emission Trading to guide the setting up of a legal, regulatory, and institutional...

Environmental Research Web | 11 years 4 months ago

While logging is on the increase in Romania, it has not yet reached the same levels as during socialist rule, and Romanian forests remain a carbon sink. That’s according to researchers from the US, Germany, Italy and Romania who reported their work in Environmental Research Letters (ERL).

Eureka Alert | 11 years 4 months ago

PORTLAND, Ore. -- A recent report provides new ideas regarding carbon and energy benefits forests and forest products provide. The report, Managing Forests Because Carbon Matters: Integrating Energy, Products, and Land Management Policy, summarizes and analyzes the most recent science regarding...

ForestCarbon Asia | 11 years 4 months ago

As more and more airlines, travel-related companies and websites offer carbon offsets to neutralize the impact of our day-to-day activities on the climate, people are faced with the seemingly daunting task of figuring out what offset projects are doing the most to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG)...

Welsh Icons | 11 years 4 months ago

The Minister for Environment and Sustainable Development, John Griffiths, last week (3 November) visited the first woodland in Wales that allows companies to measure how much harmful carbon dioxide they are capturing from the atmosphere.

VOXY | 11 years 4 months ago

National Party promises to adopt some of the recommendations made by the panel that reviewed the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) have been welcomed by forest owners. But they say much more policy work is needed if forestry is to achieve its potential for New Zealand.

Biomass Magazine | 11 years 4 months ago

A new study with multiple co-authors, including researchers from the U.S. Forest Service, found that energy produced from forest biomass merely returns recently absorbed carbon to the atmosphere, and essentially results in no net release of carbon, provided overall forest inventories are stable or...

Ecosystem Marketplace | 11 years 4 months ago

While a number of researchers and organizations in the US and internationally have highlighted the potential impacts of mitigation efforts on tenure, there remains minimal information and best practice on how to practically address these issues at the field level. Emerging interventions to reduce...

Terra Global | 11 years 4 months ago

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov 03, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Terra Global Investment Management secures approval for up to $40 million of financing for the world's first globally diverse community-based REDD and land-use carbon fund. The Terra Bella Fund's investment strategy is to provide project finance...

REDD-Net | 11 years 5 months ago

One of the key questions that has arisen in the context of the REDD+ debate surrounds which actors have the right to exploit the benefits of GHG emissions reductions and removals in REDD+, and the associated rights to international payments. Because carbon is stored in trees and land, in many cases...

Forest Carbon Asia | 11 years 5 months ago

Japan has exemplary carbon credentials. It is amongst the most energy and carbon efficient economies in the world, and one of its most beautiful cities gave its name to the UN’s Kyoto Protocol. Despite extraordinarily difficult economic and political circumstances, Japan is quietly forging ahead...

CDM in Africa | 11 years 5 months ago

Japan’s Environment Ministry said on Thursday that it has adopted 29 carbon projects under a bilateral offset mechanism, as part of nation’s efforts to achieve its climate goal to cut emissions. The projects were selected from among 77 proposals made between April 28 and May 26 and cover such...

MAFF - Japan | 11 years 5 months ago

(1) Host country: Nicaragua Project Name: South CDM reforestation project in Nicaragua Activities Summary: reforestation of native species to the former pasture has declined by over-harvesting (area: 813ha) Absorption predicted CO2: tons CO2 / 8,000 (2) Host country: India Project Name: Improvement...

Lateline | 11 years 5 months ago

Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Broadcast: 03/10/2011, Reporter: Suzanne Smith Each tree in the forests of the Amazon is being assessed for its price as a commodity on international carbon trading markets.

Terra Global Capital | 11 years 5 months ago

This report was prepared by Terra Global Investment Management, LLC the investment manager of the Terra Bella Forest and Land-Use Carbon Fund, a Luxembourg SIF-SICAV currently in structuring and capital raising. Please click here to download from Terra Global Capital website.  


Illegal logging...

September 2012 - a note by the Editor of ForestIndustries.EU: We wrote this article more than three years ago. Many significant events happened since then and a huge amount of new knowledge has been collected by the global community.

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