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UK, May 9, 2011 - International technology Group ANDRITZ has received a further order from Holmen AB’s subsidiary, Iggesund Paperboard Ltd., to deliver a wood-based biomass receiving and handling system for Iggesund’s paperboard mill Workington in Cumbria, UK. The start-up is scheduled for April 2013.

The order comprises the supply, installation, and start-up of the equipment (capacity: 1,000 m³/h) for receiving and storing biomass, as well as conveying it to the ANDRITZ biomass boiler, including a horizontally fed chipping line for logs with an HHQ-Chipper, and a horizontally fed crushing line for wood waste. The storage facility, also provided by ANDRITZ, will accommodate 20,000 m³ of biomass.

This order follows an order received from Iggesund in April for the supply of an ANDRITZ bubbling fluidized bed boiler for the Workington mill which will generate steam at a rate of 195 t/h.     


Extpub | by Dr. Radut