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ROTTNE INDUSTRY AB and Russia - Biggest ever order

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May 15th, 2012
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International Forest Industries
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ROTTNE INDUSTRY AB has signed one of its biggest order ever. A Russian company has ordered forestry equipment worth over 40 million. Deliveries will be made in three stages during 2012.

- This is a business that has great value for several reasons. In monetary terms, this is the largest single deal we made in Rottne Industry’s history. But it is also interesting that there is a business to Russia, where we have a couple of years marked a certain inertia. The agreement we signed means that Rottne industry gets a boost in Russia, says Roland Axelsson, export manager and one of those who have been involved in the deal.

In Russia Rottne Industri resellers Forest Service, a company that is both responsible for the sales and after sales of Rottne machines.

- With the size of the transaction, we have been involved in the negotiations at an early stage. The first discussions began in 2011, says Rolf Andersson, CEO at Rottne Industry.

- It’s about both harvesters and forwarders of intermediate size. The machines will be delivered in three installments. The first delivery is made before the summer and the last operation before year end.

In total, the deal on 18 machines, forwarders and harvesters, to a value of about 40 million. The machines will be delivered continuously for a total of 9 months. It gives us a solid foundation for 2012, says Roland Axelsson, Marketing ROTTNE att. We are optimistic about the cooperation with our customer in Russia.



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