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Clean Tech Blog | 14 years 5 months ago

Whatever else happened or didn’t happen as a result of the recent Conference of the Parties in Copenhagen, the Global community did take action on slowing the destruction of the world’s tropical forests. Certainly one can argue that we are not doing enough, but getting the “global community” to...

baiganchoka | 14 years 5 months ago

Agriculture Minister Robert Persaud of Guyana needs to make public the actual reasons why he falsely accused Janet Bulkan of reviewing Guyana’s RPP and did not object to Suriname territorial map in Washington. World Bank sent Baiganchoka.com the list of participants at the meeting and janet...

Arkansas Business | 14 years 5 months ago

SAN DIEGO - A California firm and a Missouri company are collaborating to develop carbon offsets from more than 300,000 acres of privately owned forest in the Ozarks Mountains of Arkansas and Missouri.

Eurekalert | 14 years 5 months ago

//--> LONDON (22 January 2010)—As environmental and political leaders struggle to determine how to move forward from the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, a new report by an international coalition of top forest organizations

14 years 5 months ago

Worcester, MA -  Clark Labs is pleased to announce the creation of a blog devoted to utilizing its GIS technology for REDD applications. The development of REDD projects requires robust modeling tools to address the inherent complexities of such projects. REDD initiatives and pilot projects are...

Alliance for Change | 14 years 5 months ago

Climate change has no borders. The PPP’s unsubstantiated attack on Guyanese citizens who are playing their part to address this issue at home and abroad brings discredit to our nation

Kaieteur News online | 14 years 5 months ago

The World Bank yesterday said that it is replying to Guyana’s protest of a map of Suriname which included Guyana’s territory as used at one of its recent meetings. In November, the government, through Agriculture Minister Robert Persaud, filed a protest with the World Bank over a map of Suriname...

Solve Climate | 14 years 5 months ago

Over the next few weeks, leading nations will be deciding the fate of the Copenhagen Accord, the three-page climate change agreement recognized at last month’s international summit but never adopted. If they embrace it, they’ll also be embracing a process that sidestepped one the highest...

Carbon Positive | 14 years 5 months ago

The forest carbon market is now two decades old but the bulk of its 20-million-tonne contribution to carbon sequestration and emissions reduction has come in the last three years - despite the global financial crisis and recession. This picture emerges from the ‘State of the Forest Carbon...

Guyana Chronicle | 14 years 5 months ago

THE Ministry of Agriculture yesterday signed a US$700,000 agreement with Conservation International (CI-Guyana) to, among other things, support the local Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD)+ initiative.

Ecologist | 14 years 5 months ago

If alternatives to deforestation like REDD do not arrive soon Liberia's remaining rainforest cover is likely to go the same way as its neighbours in Cote d'Ivoire

AllAfrica | 14 years 5 months ago

Calabar — Cross River State Governor, Senator Liyel Imoke, has called for the protection of the nation's rainforest, 90 per cent of which he says is in Cross River State and is one of the richest in biodiversity in Africa. Imoke said the call became necessary because the rainforest is facing...

Guyana Forests | 14 years 5 months ago

The Guyana government has expressed its concerns to the World Bank Forest Carbon Partnership Facility about a Suriname map that includes part of Guyanas sovereign territory and has deemed it an “ unprovoked insult.” The map was part of a presentation at a forum of the World Bank [probably the...

Google HostNews AFP | 14 years 5 months ago

OSLO — Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg said Tuesday he would put together a group of the world's most important rainforest countries in order to fight deforestation. The group, initiated "as part of our efforts to reach a binding climate agreement in Mexico in 2010," will consist of "...

WorldWatch Institute | 14 years 5 months ago

Ian Fry, the chief climate change negotiator for Tuvalu, fought on behalf of low-lying island nations during the United Nations climate summit in Copenhagen, Denmark, last month. The 32-year-old country that he represents, a string of nine densely populated coral atolls located midway between...

CIAT | 14 years 5 months ago

A new online tool for studying land-use in the Amazon could help decision makers and researchers design incentive-based approaches for managing the region’s ecosystem services.

Caribbean Press Releases | 14 years 5 months ago

Georgetown  - Jan. 12, 2010 -- Climate change is certainly becoming one of the defining issues of the 21st century and as such, more and more countries are becoming aware of its devastating effects, the importance of standing forests and the role tropical forests can play in its mitigation.  The...

Ethopian Review | 14 years 5 months ago

Pretend that you have a small ranch of 7 milk cows – your sole income source. A conservation organization comes to you asking you to plant some trees on your ranch and fence off the area around the river — leaving space on your farm for only 5 cows.


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